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Hello, my name is Prashant Chaturvedi. I am a backend JAVA developer. I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Codapayments. I have a M.Sc degree in Information Technology from the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala.

In my career, I have mostly worked as a backend developer. My work has revolved around JVM based languages like Java, Kotlin and Groovy. I have special interest in Python. I love coding, learning and experimenting with the things that i have learnt.

My daily driver is a custom built desktop with an AMD Ryzen 5 3700X processor, 32Gigs of RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD. I use dual 4k monitor setup. This machine is usually powered by Ubuntu or Zorin OS. I like Jetbrains IDEs and use them for my work. I use IntelliJ IDEA for Java, PyCharm for Python and WebStorm for Javascript. I usually do not like to install servers directly on my machine and use Docker and Docker Compose for such purposes. I am a big fan of Git and use it for version control. I use Github for my personal projects. Most code on this website is hosted on Github. I do use Github's Copilot.

Feb, 2022

  • Currently working as Senior Software Engineer at Codapayments

Nov, 2016

August, 2015

  • Worked as a Software Engineer at BNP Paribas, Chennai

March, 2013

March, 2012

March, 2010

  • Bachlor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from BITM, Santiniketan